Arizona Approves First Drive-Thru MMJ Dispensary

Arizona’s first drive-thru medical cannabis dispensary open tomorrow in Sun City as a convenience service for the elderly and disabled, according to an report. The dispensary, All Greens, will utilize the old drive-thru teller window of a remodeled bank to sell to its registered patients.

Anthony Harrington, CEO of All Greens, said that the company had developed rules for its drive-thru customers, such as having them register inside the store before being allowed to use the drive-thru service and requiring that they take off their hats to ensure their identity. He likened the service to a “Dutch Bros philosophy” and like the coffee shop employees, All Greens budtenders would be “out there facilitating the sale, engaging with the patient” and taking and confirming the order.

“Some of them are coming in, have wheelchairs, have walkers, this is a lot more convenient atmosphere,” Harrington said in the report.

Earlier this year, regulators in Colorado also approved its first drive-thru dispensary, operated by Green Cross Colorado in Parachute. The dispensary, Tumbleweed Express, follows the same rules and regulations in other retail shops in the state.

All Greens will be hosting a grand opening for its drive-thru tomorrow.

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