Dispensary Construction Resumes in Puerto Rico Following Hurricane Maria

Green Spirit Industries Inc. has announced that construction efforts on three of the firm’s planned Puerto Rico dispensary sites have resumed following the devastating landfall of Hurricane Maria, which has left 95% of the U.S. island territory without power.

According to a press release issued by Green Spirit, the company’s planned dispensaries in Dorado, Carolina, and San Juan are expected to open on schedule sometime during the fourth quarter of 2017.

Medical cannabis became available in Puerto Rico in January; in July, Gov. Ricardo Rosselló signed a bill expanding the island’s cannabis program to cover treatment for cancer and fourteen other conditions.

“We cannot praise Puerto Rican government officials highly enough for all they are doing to get the island back up and running at full capacity,” said Les Ball, Green Spirit’s CEO. “From Governor Ricardo A. Rosselló to mayors of municipalities throughout the island, we are seeing everyone pull together in a concerted effort to get food, water and medical supplies to those who need them, and to get the island’s power grid back online and working.”

According to the release, the Puerto Rico Department of Health has issued an emergency order following the hurricane’s destruction that allows registered cannabis patients to temporarily obtain medical cannabis products from any dispensary, not just the dispensary where they have registered.

“The Puerto Rican people are resilient and are working to rebuild this beautiful place from the ground up, and we are here building alongside them, remaining united,” Ball said. “Not only are we proceeding with construction on our three previously announced proposed Puerto Rico locations, Green Spirit is now actively seeking out additional dispensary locations, and we hope to announce applications for those in due time.”

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