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Georgia Marijuana Reform: HR 36 & HB 645


ga hr 36 and hb 645

The state of Georgia could be joining 29 other states and Washington, D.C., in the legalization of medical marijuana.
Since the passing of House Bill 1 in 2014, the state has allowed patients with eight specific medical conditions to possess medical marijuana oil without prosecution. Six more conditions were added to the list this year, which now includes diseases and symptoms like seizures,… Read more

Best Marijuana Edibles for Sleep Aid


marijuana edibles for sleep

After considering the side effects and dependency potential of standard sleep medicine, some patients opt for medical marijuana to help them sleep. Since it has fewer dependency issues and milder side effects, cannabis helps tons of folks with their insomnia without the risks.
Many of these patients medicate with edibles. Edibles are an accessible and familiar way to consume marijuana. Not… Read more

Can I Buy Medical Marijuana Outside of My Home State?


buy marijuana out of state

Most folks with a medical marijuana card have to travel outside of their home state from time to time. After all, medical marijuana patients go on work trips, visit loved ones and go on vacation like everyone else. But, since cannabis laws vary from state to state, it can be difficult to determine how to medicate when out of state.
Things get especially tricky when you need to buy new medicine… Read more

Medical Marijuana and Oral Health


marijuana and oral health

Your teeth and mouth are two essential parts of your body. They help you eat and speak — two incredibly vital life skills!
As a comprehensive marijuana health source, we would be remiss to skip over the details about maintaining oral health while using cannabis.
Fortunately, keeping your mouth and teeth healthy while medicating with marijuana is simple. Many of the principles have to do… Read more

Can I Have a Medical Marijuana Card in More Than One State?


marijuana card in 2 states

While the United States has state laws that neatly categorize legislation by area, the reality isn’t that simple. If you live near a state border or in a smaller state, you might regularly go to a nearby state. Or, you might have just moved to a new state and have to follow new laws.
Since marijuana is only legalized in certain state’s legislation rather than federal law, what you… Read more

Marijuana Topicals for Post Workout Relief


marijuana workout recovery

After an intense workout, sore muscles are a given. Products are available at every drug store and market claiming to help with aching muscles and some work — to a point. Topicals infused with marijuana are assisting patients across the country with issues like inflammation and arthritis. But could applying these creams to your aching muscles after your workout provide relief?
Cannabis… Read more

State Law vs. Federal Law — What to Know


marijuana state and federal laws

In the United States, we have some seriously confusing marijuana laws. Most of that confusion stems from the federal and state divide between marijuana laws.
The federal law and state law say different things about marijuana. Federal law outlaws it, but many states allow cannabis in certain situations.
If you don’t understand the nuances behind federal and state laws, you might worry… Read more

Marijuana vs. Opiates


marijuana vs opiates

People who are experiencing chronic pain may go many years before finding relief, jumping from one painkiller to another. The pain can incapacitate at times and can affect all aspects of a patient’s life. Everyday simple tasks, like tying your shoes or buttoning your shirt, can be a struggle.
And, after years of dealing with physical pain, you find yourself starting to feel hopeless and… Read more

Cymbalta and Medical Marijuana


cymbalta and marijuana

Cymbalta is a drug used for several purposes. The conditions it treats often appear on state lists of medical issues approved for medical marijuana use. So, patients who think about using both may have a lot of questions that need to be answered.
Like any other medicine, you must consider whether Cymbalta has any conflicts with medical marijuana. Combining drugs can impact the effectiveness of… Read more

New Study Finds a Quarter of Cancer Patients Use Medical Marijuana


cancer marijuana study

When Dr. Steven Pergam and his team from the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center set out to learn more about medical marijuana and its usage among cancer patients, they were unsure about what they’d find. What they discovered both surprised — and concerned — them as they noted a high interest in medical weed among patients, but a low interaction among doctors with their… Read more

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