MMJ Industry Operation Reforms Approved for Detroit, Michigan Mayoral Ballots

Voters in Detroit, Michigan will consider two cannabis industry-related proposals during its Nov. 7 mayoral election, Detroit Metro News reports. The proposals, championed by Citizens for Sensible Cannabis Reform, are aimed at changing the legislature-approved rules for exactly where cannabis industry operators can set up shop.

According to the News, the first proposal, “an initiative to enact medical marihuana facilities ordinance,” would reduce the 1,000-foot barrier required between dispensaries and parks, churches, liquor stores, day care centers, and other dispensaries to 500 feet. The measure would also allow dispensaries to stay open until 9 p.m. instead of 8 p.m.

The second proposal would allow medical cannabis cultivators and transporters to operate in the city’s M1-5 industrial zones.

The advocates had to take City Clerk Janice Winfrey to court to get the issues on the ballots, the News reports, because she had claimed that proposals amending Detroit city ordinances ran afoul of state law; however, the county court disagreed, paving the way for the initiatives’ inclusion on the Mayoral ballots.

Meanwhile, the Committee to Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol has passed the 300,000-signature mark in their bid to add an adult-use use proposal to 2018 election ballots. According to the report, the campaign has until Nov. 22 to turn in more than 252,000 valid signatures from registered voters to get the issue to voters.

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