Northern Michigan University Receives Grant to Purchase Cannabis Testing Instrument

Shimadzu Scientific Instruments, providers of cannabis testing instruments, has awarded a grant to Northern Michigan University for the purchase of a triple quadrupole liquid chromatograph mass spectrometer for students enrolled in NMU’s medicinal plant chemistry program. The device is widely used in the cannabis industry, screening for pesticides and analyzing mycotoxins.

“Over the last few years, the medicinal cannabis industry has grown significantly throughout the country. This growth has sparked a need for highly skilled scientists to run instruments to ensure products meet regulatory requirements,” said Bob Clifford, Ph.D., general manager of marketing for Shimadzu Scientific Instruments in a press release. “Northern Michigan University emerges as a leader in educating these future laboratory analysts and managers, and Shimadzu is proud to work with them in this exciting, emerging industry.”

Brandon Canfield, an associate professor of chemistry at NMU, said the program is “excited” that students enrolled in the program “will have the opportunity to gain direct hands-on experience” with the instrument.

“Shimadzu has long been recognized as an authority and innovator in the field of chemical analysis, and has emerged as an early leader in the specific area of cannabis analysis,” he said in a statement.

Shimadzu Scientific Instruments is the American subsidiary of Kyoto, Japan-based Shimadzu Corp – which is traded on the Tokyo Stock Exchange – and has divisions in aerospace/industrial, analytical, and medical diagnostics instruments.

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