Two Canadian Firms Fully Licensed to Cultivate & Process MMJ in Colombia

Canada-based Khiron Life Sciences Corp. and PharmaCielo Ltd. are the first companies to be granted full licenses to produce and process medical cannabis products in Colombia. Both companies are able to cultivate and process products containing unrestricted percentages of THC and CBD.

Having received all three requisite licenses to operate in the country, Khiron Colombia SAS, the Canadian firm’s Colombian arm, will begin cultivation on its 7-hectare site. The company has an additional 13 hectares under option.

PharmaCielo’s 12.1-hectare facility features a nursery and propagation center, and the company plans to produce extracts in addition to flower products.

Federico Cock-Correa, director and CEO of PharmaCielo Colombia Holdings, indicated that the government had, until now, only issued licenses for the cultivation of crops containing little or no THC and that to say the company was “excited” would be “an understatement.”

“The Colombian government has put significant effort into ensuring all Colombians benefit from this new industry,” Cock-Correa said in a press release. “When combined with the skills and resources of PharmaCielo, the certification of small growers by the Colombian government ensures that the dedicated focus on the Colombian peoples who will benefit is maintained.”

PharmaCielo has partnered with Cooperativa Caucannabis, a co-op of small and independent growers, for a greenhouse facility to be jointly operated by the company. The co-op license has yet to be approved by the government.

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