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We offer three types of Medical Evaluations: New Patient, Annual Renewal and Follup-up.

  • New Patient Evaluation
    he physician will determine based on the history and physical examination if the patient meets the qualifications for medical cannabis. A treatment plan will be developed for monitoring the patient’s progress.
  • Annual Renewal Evaluation
    The physician will review the patient’s progress since the last certification or recommendation.  Based on that history and physical examination, the treatment plan will be continued or modified as long as the patient continues to meet the qualifications for medical cannabis.
  • Follow-up Appointment
    This appointment is scheduled to monitor the patient’s progress with the use of medicinal cannabis.  If a certification or recommendation is provided for less than 12 months, the follow-up evaluation will determine if the patient meets the qualifications for continued medicinal cannabis therapy.

Please review the requirements for your state.  New patients are encouraged to download, print and complete the New Patient Intake Form prior to your appointment time.

To schedule a medical evaluation, call the office at 301-844-6880 or click here.