Cannabis Sales in Washington Reach $1B So Far in 2017

According to new figures by the Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Board, cannabis sales in the state have reached more than $1 billion this year, bringing in more than $300 million in excise taxes. The data represents sales through September. Monthly sales in the state have reached more than $130 million.

The WSLCB data shows that cultivators have grown nearly 367,000 pounds of cannabis since June 2014, with more than 85,000 pounds cultivated through May. Extract manufacturers have produced approximately 53,406 pounds of extracts through September.

The data also includes enforcement figures, which show that there have been about 15,000 visits to cannabis businesses since 2014, primarily of the premises check variety. This year, the WSLCB has issued more than 500 violations. Of those 15,000 visits since 2014, 319 citations have been issued to producers and 219 to retail licensees for “failure to utilize and/or maintain traceability,” while 288 were issued for selling to a minor. Another 136 violations were issued for “allowing a minor to frequent a restricted area.” Fifty-three citations have been issued for using banned pesticides, soil amendments, fertilizers, or other crop production aids.

According to the data, Washington has issued 1,888 industry licenses as of Sept. 11.

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