Michigan Regulators Announce Application Details for New MMJ Regime

Prospective Michigan medical cannabis industry licensees and their affiliates will be subjected to a full background check, including their criminal and financial history, whether they have maintained tax compliance, and their business litigation history, according to guidance released by the state Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs.

The applicant must submit their fingerprints to the agency as part of the “pre-qualification” process, which will include the background checks; the names of all persons with stake in the cannabis venture; documents related to the applicant’s business, including its bylaws is available; and all tax-related documents.

Once pre-qualified, applicants will next need to inform LARA what business license they are seeking and provide floor plans and layout of their proposed facility. Potential licensees must also provide the agency with a copy of the municipality’s ordinance authorizing cannabis industry operations, and its technology, staffing, marketing, inventory, security, and recordkeeping plans.

The announcement is the latest cannabis industry guidance released by the agency as the state moves from its so-called “gray market” medical cannabis model to a more comprehensive system. Earlier this week LARA announced they would be hosting a series of educational sessions throughout the state next month to answer questions from interested parties.

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