Online MMJ Card Company Expands to New York, Maryland & Pennsylvania

Software provider OnePath Medical, which connects would-be medical cannabis patients with physicians to recommend its use, has expanded its services to Maryland, New York, and Pennsylvania. The company, founded earlier this year, previously only served Washington D.C. and is the only firm offering the software solution on the East Coast.

“People around the world recognize the healing power of cannabis, but many are unable to legally and securely access it or find doctors who will evaluate and approve them for medical cannabis use, especially on this side of the U.S.,” said Joshua Green, co-founder, OnePath Medical, in a press release.

Patients in New York, Maryland, and Pennsylvania must register on the OnePath website and build their online profile before undergoing a telemedicine examination with a licensed physician who will determine whether or not to recommend cannabis. The firm secures its patients’ data on servers encrypted with SSL certificates and stored on data protection servers in order to meet HIPPA standards on electronic medical record keeping.

The service costs $199 regardless of where the patients reside; however, they only pay OnePath if they are approved for a medical cannabis recommendation. The company boasts a 99 percent approval rate.

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