Pennsylvania MMJ Program Enrolls 3,800 Patients in First Week

More than 3,800 patients and 200 caregivers have signed up for Pennsylvania’s medical cannabis program during the first week patients are caregivers were able to register. The program, which launched in 2016, allows patients with 17 qualifying conditions to access non-smokeable forms of cannabis such as pills, oils, vapor, or tinctures if approved by a physician.

Gov. Tom Wolf said the state Department of Health has been “laser-focused” on implementing the regime since he signed the measure into law over a year ago.

“The success of the patient registry one week since it was announced is another indicator of the need for this vital medication, and a testament to the department’s commitment to making medical marijuana available to patients in 2018,” he said in a press release.

Physician General Dr. Rachel Levine, who also serves as the acting secretary for the Health Department, called the response from patients and caregivers “extremely positive” and urged citizens to speak with their doctors about certification.

Last month, the state began issuing licenses to some industry operators, issuing the first of the 12 production licenses to Creso Yeltrah.

As of Nov. 1, more than 100 physicians have registered to recommend medical cannabis in the state.

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