Peru Legalizes Medical Cannabis

Peru’s Congress has legalized cannabis for medical use in a 67-5 vote with three abstaining, according to a report from Al Día News. The measure legalizes cannabis and its derivatives as a cancer, epilepsy, and Parkinson’s disease therapy.

Congressman Alberto de Belaunde, who championed the legislation called the bill’s passage a “historic moment” for the nation’s Congress. Once the bill is signed into law, officials will have 60 days to craft the program’s regulations.

The approval came following a National Police raid on an illegal cannabis oil manufacturing laboratory in February. According to the report, the lab was making the cannabis oil for sick children.

Congressman Ricardo Navaraez, president of the Congressional Health Commission which had granted its approval for the legislation earlier this month, indicated that the measure will allow importation of medical cannabis products as well as research and production. However, he said that production was “the most controversial” issue in the legislation.

“For us it is a great satisfaction, it is a law that is going to revolutionize, in a country with many prejudices, concerns and fears, I believe it is a good message,” he said in the report.

The overwhelming majority vote allowed the measure to be enacted without going through a second vote as is customary in Peru.

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