Canada’s Tilray Successfully Exports MMJ to New Zealand

Medical cannabis producer Tilray has exported its Canadian-grown products to New Zealand, where they will be distributed to pharmacies who serve the country’s registered patients. The firm has also exported products to South America, Europe, and Australia since 2016.

“We are proud to offer New Zealand patients access to quality-controlled, pharmaceutical-grade medical cannabis products,” said Brendan Kennedy, Tilray president, in a press release. “With Tilray products available in six countries representing four continents, we further our global mission of serving patients in need in a timeframe that matters.”

The export announcement is the second this month by a Canadian licensed producer – Aurora Cannabis announced last week it had shipped 50 kilograms of its medical cannabis to Pedanios, a German company wholly-owned by Aurora.

Previously, the company exported medical cannabis products to Auckland’s Middlemore Hospital.

In Australia, Tilray has partnered with the University of Sydney and the New South Wales government to research cannabis as a treatment for symptoms of chemotherapy-induced nausea and vomiting.

In their home nation, Tilray is supporting trials focused on post-traumatic stress disorder at the University of British Columbia; pediatric epilepsy at SickKids Hospital; and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease at McGill University Research Centre.

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