MJ Freeway Seed-to-Sale Software Suffers Outage Twice Last Week

MJ Freeway, the seed-to-sale firm used in several legal states, suffered an outage last Saturday and Monday, forcing some medical cannabis dispensaries to either suspend operations or record their sales by hand, according to a Philadelphia Inquirer report. The company confirmed to the newspaper that they had “observed performance issues” with their Tracker software.

“All client sites were taken offline for a period of time on Saturday evening and Monday afternoon to resolve the issues as quickly as possible,” said Vice-President Jeanette Ward in an interview with Business Insider. “On both days, service was restored within a few hours, and client sites are currently live.”

MJ Freeway was awarded a $10.4 million contract in April to provide services to Pennsylvania when the state program begins in 2018. Previously, the company had served Nevada with its software; however, according to a Forbes report, the state canceled its contract in September after only two of the five years when the company’s source code was hacked and posted to Reddit in June.

It’s suspected that the code also made it to The Pirate Bay, a torrent site. Ward indicated there were no “known downloads” of the “outdated portion” of code from the site and it had been removed. According to the Inquirer, the Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Board said that MJ Freeway would not take over its seed-to-sale contract because they had failed to meet a deadline.

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